Kamal is one of India’s Leading companies engaged in the design and manufacture of Dampers & Guillotines for Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizer, Steel and Aluminum Plants. Having collaboration with M/s Metrio Technologie International BvbA (MTI), Netherlands for transfer of technology of Dampers & Isolation Valves, Kamal has supplied over 2,500 Dampers & Guillotines in India and The Middle East. Kamal’s product range includes:
  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Multi-Louvre Dampers
  • Biplane Dampers With Seal Air
  • Flaps
  • Poppet Dampers
  • Guillotines / Shut-off Blades / Gates
Some of the key features of Kamal Dampers are:
  • Temperature up to 974ºC
  • Differential Pressure up to 2000mm WC
  • Sealing Efficiency up to 99.9% with seals & 100% with Seal Air Fans.
  • In - House design, manufacture & testing
  • Highest Quality Workmanship Guarantee
  • Designs for all applications from flow control to 100% Isolation of the duct
  • Maintenance free Bearings
  • Alloys used include SS316Ti, SS310. Inconel 625, Incoloy 800H, Monel etc.
  • Designed for Circular as well as Rectangular ducts of all sizes for any duct orientation
  • Completely factory assembled & tested eliminating the need for on-site adjustments
  • Suitable for actuation with Manual, Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic actuators
Broad range of well-proven designs is available in various materials to suit any temperature, pressure and corrosive condition. For even higher temperatures, special provision can be made in the design such as Refractory / Ceramic Fiber Lining with superior metallurgy. Gas tightness requirements of up to 99.98% are routinely met and Zero gas leakage is guaranteed when air sealing is used. To suit the service requirements a range of sealing arrangement options such as Omega Seal, Bulb Seal, etc. can be incorporated of various materials along with a provision of Seal Air System. Leakage rates on Kamal Dampers are significantly lower than maximum allowable leak rates, under normal conditions. Performance Certificates from Client’s / Users and Kamal’s brand excellence is a statement of Kamal’s quality material and workmanship. Every Unit / Damper is thoroughly tested against Kamal’s stringent quality and performance measures prior to Third party / Client inspections. Adequate measures are undertaken for final painting & packing of all materials.
A very /competent task force has been created to offer:
  • Supervision of Erection & Commissioning
  • One-To-One Replacements
  • Trouble Shooting
Manufacturer’s data book is submitted for every project comprising of the following:
  • Manufacturing Certificate & Final Inspection Report
  • Quality Control, Inspection & Test Plan
  • Utilized Material History Sheet
  • Material Test Certificates
  • Approved Welding Procedures Specification
  • Procedure Qualification Record
  • Weld Map
  • Non-destructive Test Certificates
  • Refractory & Insulation Certificates
  • Certificate of Visual & Dimensional checking, Thickness and Tolerances
  • Certificate of Cleanliness, Pickling, Passivation, Protection & Painting
  • Final Approved GA Drawings
  • Calculations such as Leak rate Calculations, Flow Characteristic Curves, Load Data, etc.
  • Release Not
  • Oil and Gas / Petrochemicals plants
  • Pulp and Paper mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Incinerators
  • Power Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
  • Boilers
  • Air Preheaters / Economizers
  • Chimneys
  • Gas Turbines
  • By-pass Stacks
  • Auxiliary Fans
  • Fired Heaters
Air Preheater
Cast Tube Air Preheater
Glass Tube Air Preheater
Plate Type Air Preheater
Steam Air Heater
Distillation Trays & Column Internals
Butterfly damper
Multi-louver dampers
Flap or self closing
Bi-plane / double louver
Poppet damper
Guillotine dampers
Ignitor Guns & Pilot Burners
Sluice Gate
Sugar Machinery
"Completely satisfied by the workmanship, quality, performance and delivery "
  • Till date not a single adverse report of field failure is reported
  • Very good quality standards 
  • Dedicated QA/QC team with established procedures, in-house testing facilities
  • Very competent workforce for site activities
  • Good supplier of Dampers / Shut-off Blades, and highly recommend this vendor
  • Well established Quality Assurance and Control Procedures / approvals in place to ensure good quality of the final product.
"The overall project execution by Kamal has been satisfactory"
"Remarkable achievement of delivery of Dampers in shortest possible time creating a new benchmark"
"Kamal is a regular supplier of Air Preheaters & Dampers. Earliest supply of Air preheater was made in 1986 with several supplies thereafter. Performance of the equipments has been found satisfactory"
"Kamal has been supplier for the design & supply of Air Preheaters, Dampers & Guillotines / Shut-off Blades. We have been working with Kamal for the last several years and are satisfied with their products in terms of design, quality and performance. They have been maintaining a good delivery performance as well as timely support "
"Kamal had supplied 6 Air Preheaters for our worldwide projects which are under operation with good performance an sound mechanical conditions. We are very satisfied with their product quality and services such as on-time delivery, documentations, compliance with client requirements and after cares. We always recommend and propose M/s Kamal as a potential supplier for Air Preheaters to our Global Clients and End Users."
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