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Air Preheater
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Butterfly damper
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"Completely satisfied by the workmanship, quality, performance and delivery "
  • Till date not a single adverse report of field failure is reported
  • Very good quality standards 
  • Dedicated QA/QC team with established procedures, in-house testing facilities
  • Very competent workforce for site activities
  • Good supplier of Dampers / Shut-off Blades, and highly recommend this vendor
  • Well established Quality Assurance and Control Procedures / approvals in place to ensure good quality of the final product.
"The overall project execution by Kamal has been satisfactory"
"Remarkable achievement of delivery of Dampers in shortest possible time creating a new benchmark"
"Kamal is a regular supplier of Air Preheaters & Dampers. Earliest supply of Air preheater was made in 1986 with several supplies thereafter. Performance of the equipments has been found satisfactory"
"Kamal has been supplier for the design & supply of Air Preheaters, Dampers & Guillotines / Shut-off Blades. We have been working with Kamal for the last several years and are satisfied with their products in terms of design, quality and performance. They have been maintaining a good delivery performance as well as timely support "
"Kamal had supplied 6 Air Preheaters for our worldwide projects which are under operation with good performance an sound mechanical conditions. We are very satisfied with their product quality and services such as on-time delivery, documentations, compliance with client requirements and after cares. We always recommend and propose M/s Kamal as a potential supplier for Air Preheaters to our Global Clients and End Users."
Energy conservation today, is not only an economical necessity but also an environmental compulsion. Fuel is a significant cost element in Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and other Process Industries. With exponential rise in the energy consumption and consequent surge in the crude oil prices, energy conservation measures have become even more relevant

Fired Heaters are major consumers of energy and it is of utmost importance to increase their thermal efficiency to the highest possible level. Preheating of combustion air is the best option to raise a heater’s thermal efficiency. The Industry norms have changed over the years and thermal efficiencies of 90-92% have become imperative for the heaters.

It is essential to design and operate heaters to dispose off flue gases at lowest possible temperature. Typically, flue gases leave the convection section of the heaters at around 350 to 450°C and an air pre-heater can bring down this temperature to around 180 - 200°C, resulting in ~10% increase in the efficiency (1% increase in efficiency for every 20°C drop in flue gas temperature). The temperature of flue gas can be brought down further to around 160°C or less in a glass tube air pre-heater, resulting in further efficiency improvement of ~2% or more.

Many fired heaters even today are operating at thermal efficiency of 75-80% or lower. These heaters can be considered for retrofitting with new air pre-heaters to raise the thermal efficiency to maximum level. At today’s cost of energy, the pay off period for an air pre-heater system could be less than a year, besides the advantage of controlled pollution. 

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